A collaborative jukebox
for public spaces

People Around the Square

Boombox st. is a music service for public spaces. It consist of a set of speakers, a custom software and a wireless network. When Boombox St. is placed at a square or park, the people there can choose the music: Search songs, add them to the playlist and vote other's people songs.


There are not two identical places, so Boombox St. is not a standard product. we customize the way it works to make the most of the place where you install it: Parks, events, squares, streets.

Behind the scenes Boombox St works with the great Spotify music database, so an astonishing number of songs are available.
No need to download or install any app. It is 100% web based.

New services for new ways of living

Future is about sharing things, sharing knowledge, sharing time, sharing leisure... Using music as an example, Boombox St. throws the challenge: What does it mean to live together in the city? How to learn to share our leisure with strangers?

How to get Boombox St. In your City

Boombox St. is a product ocan be installed in many different contexts: From permanent infrastructures to temporal events. From a new layer in an existing public sound system to a customized setup from scratch.

Tell us your idea at boombox at Tinkerista.com or fill in the form on the right.